Expositus, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization specializing in research and education—founded and led by Dr. Joshua L. Mann. Having gone to the UK for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Mann joined a team of researchers at the CODEC Centre for Digital Theology, a research centre of Durham University in the United Kingdom. After three years, he left his research fellowship and started Expositus, a similar work but on the other side of the Atlantic.

What we do:

  • digital humanities
  • rural humanities and technology
  • community history
  • digital storytelling
  • faith-related technology

How we do it:

  • research and publication
  • training and education
  • project management
  • project support
  • web development
  • collaboration

Potential collaboration with:

  • community associations
  • libraries
  • schools
  • universities
  • churches
  • think tanks
  • businesses