Better Bibles & Better Readers: A Fundraising Campaign

More Bibles in more languages in more formats exist than ever before, and efforts to accelerate Bible translation and production are growing. Expositus is working to ensure that (1) these Bibles are optimally designed; and (2) Bible readers are getting the most out of them.

Our research tackles these issues, and we are working hard to provide resources for both Bible readers and publishers/agencies toward our goal of ‘Better Bibles & Better Readers’. We need your support to cover year-end expenses and man-hours for research and publication. Our goal is $10,000 for the rest of 2019, and money raised beyond this will help us continue into 2020. 

Donating via our Facebook campaign page (HERE) is convenient and ensures 100% of your donations reaches us, or if you prefer, you may donate by check (payable to ‘Expositus’) and sent to PO Box 71, Gower, MO 64454. Donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Expositus Update: April 2019

Expositus Update: April 2019

This year Expositus is focused on three areas of work: Biblical literacy and engagement. We continue to research trends in biblical engagement both in the USA and Britain. With co-authors Pete Phillips and David Ford, Expositus’ Josh Mann published a book, Digital Millennials and the Bible which looks at research on how 18-35 years old… Continue Reading

Expositus at 12 Months

Expositus at 12 Months

The first 12 months at Expositus have flown by, and for good reason. What have we been up to? Incorporation in Missouri on August 1, 2017. 501(c)(3) status granted (Letter of Determination dated September 28, 2017). Successful fundraising of startup costs (Nov-Dec 2017). First contract signed, working with CODEC, a major research center in the… Continue Reading

Help Launch Expositus, Inc.

I am Dr. Joshua Mann, founder and CEO of Expositus, Inc., a 501(c)(3) research and education nonprofit based near Kansas City in the USA. We specialize in projects related to digital technology and the humanities, with particular expertise in faith and technology (read more about our areas). At this early stage in the organization, we are… Continue Reading

Introducing Expositus, Inc.

From our by-laws: Expositus exists to benefit the public by carrying out and promoting research for the public and increasing public access to scholarly knowledge, especially through the use of new and digital media. Expositus is dedicated to connecting communities to scholars and scholarly institutions. Continue Reading