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Expositus Update: April 2019

This year Expositus is focused on three areas of work:

  1. Biblical literacy and engagement. We continue to research trends in biblical engagement both in the USA and Britain. With co-authors Pete Phillips and David Ford, Expositus’ Josh Mann published a book, Digital Millennials and the Bible which looks at research on how 18-35 years old are engaging with the Bible in the UK and the USA.
    • Related to this, Josh interviewed Barna’s SVP for Research on recent research on millennials (start here).
    • In the coming months, we are seeking ways to get involved more locally in biblical literacy initiatives.
  2. Faith and Technology. In April, Josh spoke at BibleTech, a conference in Seattle put on by Logos Bible Software. His presentation addressed the important ways that the technology used in both print and digital Bibles contributes to how users read and understand the Bible. Some of his research was also submitted as a book chapter for a forthcoming collection of essays on the subject.
  3. Rural Technology and Entrepreneurship. We are in the planning stages of some new initiatives to try and promote rural tech and entrepreneurship. If you are working or otherwise interested in this area, especially in the NW Missouri region, please be in touch.

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